From the first tough day, and with a good night's sleep at Best Western Royal Hotel. We're ready for everywhere!

Before we get to have our breakfast, we drove around, and we spotted this monument of the King Buddha-Yodfa-Julalok, the first king of Chakri Dynasty. We paid a visit since this is one of the landmarks here.



Now it's time for our starving stomachs. We thought we would have some noodles and this noodle restaurant is recommended by a blogger I know. They serve braised-beef noodles, one of Thais' favorite dishes.




The are beef-noodle specialists, they have no pork or chicken. They do have beef, braised beef and meat ball. And all that with reasonable price.



Unfortunately, for anyone that wants to eat a long-braised-beef, they don't have it here, but we have here is already good enough. Think of it as a bridge to some decent lunch.




They also serve oldschool drinks like O-liag and Cha-dum-yen and it's only 10Baht per glass!

O-liang = Thai iced black coffee
Cha-dum-yen = Thai iced black tea




With stomachs full of energetic food, as planned, we took a trip to "Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp" which is pretty much a resort but with great environment such as an adventure camp and a big park with a restaurant.


"Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp” isn't just any resort but more like a little fun park with many knowledge bases even suited for a field trip. This place is more than a hotel or a resort. This is highly recommended by me if you want to spend a day in some place that doesn't require travelling. They have guides & EV Golf Cart and they drive for you too.




"Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp” has been open since 2013 and they even have their own forest & flower park and nursery stocks! They sure took sometimes making this a great place.



"Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp” covers the area of 300 Rais(or 480,000 square meters) and there are many zones, each zone has its own uniqueness.



The first zone is the gallery. The owner has collected many vintage stuffs and some from his friends, some of them are olders than 100years. Let these photos explain, it's better than words.





The second zone is a sheep farm. They have more than 40 sheeps to entertain you. There is a sheep guy here that knows all the sheep name, he actually named them. And when the sheeps see him, they just keep moaning for food. haha




There are some backdrops for you to take a photo with your friends or family, there are varieties of themes here.




And the next zone is the so call Adventure Camp. You would have some fun here, we let our teammate, TinyPach, be the sole stunt for this zone. haha We let he do this and that so we can take her photocs. I wouldn't blame her if she felt she's being bullied. LOL

Don't you worry, they are professionals, you'll be equip with safety gears in all the stages of this zone.





(Thanks to our teammate, Go Travel Photo, for letting us use these 4 photos)


After the first part, we had a chance to visit the forest and flower park. It's now 11AM already... This Play-La-Ploen is huge. It would take days to explore it all. So we decided that we should just take the golf cart. And let me introduce Ms.Chimi who will be our guide here, she also is a driver. They are doing something close to organic too. You will learn many things from Play-La-Ploen. And writing about Play-La-Ploen would take days. Visit Play-La-Ploen once, you'll understand. I'll visit Play-La-Ploen again to write 





After 2 hours ride of the forest & flower park, there goes a big quick lunch. Nothing special this time, so we can move on.




Then we got here, looks just like some small museum right?



It actually is a small museum. They keep changing things here to what they're up to at the moment, it's now about the queen. And there are some more of interesting stuffs in here too.





From the museum, there are more. You'll walk through the route of plant stocks in different styles. There are 6 of them. And this is the first one and it's all about the flowers & plants. They'll keep changing the main flower and the theme for about every 3 months.





The second plant stock brings you an age of dinosaurs. they simulate it nicely. There are a lot of ferns too.





(and this is some werid mushroom that smokes out it spores hard that we can see it with our naked eyes)



The third plant stock is all about nature. There are many colorful plants and stuffs from many countries, even insect eating plants too.





This is the fourth plant stock called "Gin-na-ree". There are many types of orchids here. And they all look just perfect, that really tell us they really care about all these plants and trees. I'm really impressed.




We've come the the fifth plant stock(we have six of them). You can judge from the first photo, yes, it's a desert theme. There are types of cactuses and some colorful ones too, you're seeing that everyday. There are some that changes its own color when aging, the more it ages, the darker color it gets.





And in the sixth plant stock. It's all about southern part of E-sarn(Northern East part of Thailand), let the photos guide you.




And before you leave, you'll spot this tree. They call this tree "The Grandmother Tree. They call it by that name because it's 2-300 hundred years old already. This tree has lived longer than any human ever had. It's been here long before Play-La-Ploen is built and it's so nice of them that they still keep this tree and one in the forth plant stock. Thank you Play-La-Ploen for keeping them and letting us see & appreciate all this greatness.



And after hours of walking, we got hungry again. We wouldn't wait to have another meal in the town, that would take sometime to get there.(Play La Ploen is like 30km from Buriram City)

So this is our second meal at Play-La-Ploen, this time a decent one.



All those goodness, now it's about what Play-La-Ploen really is. Yes, they are a resort(a hotel, yes). At first, we planned that we would get a room at Play-La-Ploen for our first night and explore it all day. Unfortunately, the hotel is full at the date we arrive. So this is how it is. But we still had a chance to take some photos of some rooms for you.



There are types of rooms here. They named each room to each one's style by a country name.



This one is English style. They have the price range from 2,500~3,500 Thai Baht.




Thank you, Play-La-Ploen. It really was a wonderful day. Now we're going back to the town, Buriram City.



We planned that we would visit Buriram's City Pillar Shrine. But unfortunately, they're closed by the time we got there. Nevermind, we'll come here again tomorrow.





Before we check-in at our next hotel. We decided that we would take a break here at Buriram's train station. They have aninteresting culture of eating fried sticks of meatball here.



Talking about Thai fried meatball. Thai people would think about any ordinary meatball stall all over the country, it's just another ordinary food here in Thailand. But they're making it different here at Buriram.




Meatball stalls here serves many types of sticks that you would just pick them up and dip into the sauce that they provided. And those veggies are free too. This really reminds me of the famous Japanese's Kushikatsu, you just stand there and pick up your kushikatsu and dip it in the sauce and they also provide you free cabbages too. They're similar to meatball stalls here.


The price are vary from 3 to 10Baht. And you pay after you eat. It's fun eating food like this and yes, they're delicious. I really enjoy it here. You'll forget how much you've eaten til the time you have to pay for it.

ความพิเศษของลูกชิ้นทอดที่หน้าสถานีรถไฟบุรีรัมย์ก็คือ  ลูกชิ้นที่นี่เค้าจะขายกันอยู่รถบนเข็นนะคะ   ทอดขายกันแบบสดใหม่เลย  ขายไม้ละ 3 บาท 5 บาท บ้างก็ 10 บาท (ส่วนใหญ่ 3 บาท)    และมีจุดเด่นที่ทำให้ใครหลายต่อหลายคนติดใจก็คือ  ถ้าลูกค้าอยากกินลูกชิ้นไม้ไหน ก็หยิบไม้นั้นขึ้นมายืนกิน ณ ตรงนั้นได้เลย  ซึ่งแต่ละร้านเค้าก็จะมีน้ำจิ้มใส่หม้อใบย่อม ๆ วางไว้ให้ แล้วก็มีผักสด ๆ ให้กินแกล้มด้วย  กินเสร็จก็นับไม้ นับได้เท่าไหร่ก็หันไปบอกคนขาย  แล้วก็จ่ายเงิน เป็นอันเสร็จเรียบร้อยค่ะ ^_^






Each stall has their style of dipping sauce & some stuffs are different too. We tried all of them and I really like the stall named "Pa-nid" or "ป้านิด" in Thai, my husband also like this the most too. Pa-nid is on the left, you might want to try their dipping sauce first.






Thanks to Thai Rent A Car, our ride was fine & great with this car. Now we got to our hotel "Baan-ter" or "บ้านเตอร์" in Thai. It's not far from Buriram United Stadium. At first, we didn't expect much from the price. It's just 500Baht per night but you'll get more than you thought.



They only have 10 rooms at the moment(they plan to build more). All of them are 500Baht per night with breakfast included. They are many choices around the Buriram United Thunder Castle football stadium but I chose this place because the review scores in any website are very high. And they have this massive bathroom that equals the size of the bedroom. So I decided that we will have 2 good night's sleep here. And each room has some differences in them. You'll get different furniture and stuffs in each room. But that won't make any bad experfience. They're actually good and kind of cute. One of our teammate even has a dolphin doll in his bathroom's big bath. haha



(between bedroom & bathroom, lies a massive door) 



After we refreshed ourselves. We took a chance and went to Buriram racing circuit. In the Friday night, many bikers around Buriram will gather here. It's the idea of their leader, Navin. He tries to solve the problem of underground bike racing by arranging all these in every Friday night. He uses the part of this area and made a short dragstrip that let anyone who want to participate races here for free! That's so nice of him! More than a thousand of people were here in that night, Navin himself too.



We've never been is this atmosphere before. It's different from what we thought it is. It feels like you're in "Tokyo Drift".



(Thanks to Go Travel Photo for letting us use these photos)


After this, we went to eat something but the rain attcked real hard so we didn't have a chance to take any photo. And then we just headed stright back to our hotel "Baan-ter" for a good night's sleep after all these in the very day.


See you all in Day 03!


It's possible for us to have such a great beautiful trip thanks to the sponsors that had supported us til the end.

We really appreciate all the efforts and supports from our sponsors.

Thank you NokAir, Thai Rent A Car, Keen, Outdoor Innovator and Tourism Authority of Thailand that made this happened.

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